Canard !

Canard !

You don’t see things as they are, we see things as a canard!

Canard! was developed in 48hrs as part of the Global Game Jam 2014. In this classic platformer, the main character is a duck, and it’s common knowledge that ducks see things as they are: ducks, that is.

Every tile (be it a bonus, a hazard or a simple platform) within a certain radius of the protagonist is displayed as a duck, and the better you perform, the larger this radius becomes, making it harder to plan your way ahead.

Play the game:

Canard ! Screenshot

Audio features

  • dynamic sountrack driven by the duckization radius
  • ducks

Vincent Aubry – Game designer, level designer, graphic artist
Matthieu Bonneau – Sound designer
Marc Gilleron – Programmer
Elizabeth Maler – UX expert
Arnaud Millot – Game designer, graphic artist
Benjamin Teissier – Programmer, project manager
Théo Torregrossa – Programmer