event[0] student prototype

event[0] student prototype

In event[0], you find yourself boarding a ghost spaceship controlled by a somewhat temperamental AI. Conversation, and ultimately negotiation, are your only means of getting to the bottom of what happened on the ship, in order to eventually return to Earth safely.

The game was developed by a team of 11 students as our final project at ENJMIN. All interaction in event[0] is based on communicating with the AI in natural language through terminals found in the ship.

Gameplay footage
The following video provides a good overview of what it’s like to play event[0]:

Audio features

  • phoneme based voice synthesis using Wwise
  • dynamic environmental audio, driven by the AI’s emotional state
  • only contact sounds are heard when air pressure drops around the player
  • simple occlusion system based on the ship’s architecture
  • simple geometry based obstruction system
  • customized reverb boxes

Fabian Bodet – Graphic artist
Matthieu Bonneau – Sound designer
Léonard Carpentier – Project manager
Mathieu Chaillous – Graphic artist
Emmanuel Corno – Game designer
William Ferragutti – Programmer
Nicholas Jolicoeur – Graphic artist
Mélanie Kaladgew – UX expert
Swann Menage – Sound designer
Sergey Mohov – Game designer
Louis Schnellbach – Programmer

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