It’s a long, long night

It’s a long, long night

When two souls meet through their dreams only, they wish the night would go on forever…

It’s a long, long night is a game about prolonging the magic. As the stars fade away in the morning, your goal is to rekindle their light in order to delay the sunrise and enjoy the longest possible night.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it resembles a game of Snake: the character shoots a ray of light, and the player sets the direction of the ray with arrow keys. The difference with a game of Snake is that you can cross your own path, but you have to guide the ray through a series of randomly generated mazes to reach the stars and light them up. With each new maze, the speed of the ray increases and the game gets more difficult. Each star the player lights up adds some time to a ‘countdown to sunrise’, and the game ends when the sun has risen.

Play the game :
Download the english version (win32 .exe)

Télécharger la version française (win32 .exe)

It's a long, long night (screenshot)

That’s right, she’s shooting FIRE out of her BLEEDING HEART. She’s awesome like that.

The game was made with Game Maker 8.0, as a school project. All assets are original. The music is a tribute to old school, SNES style sounds. Most of it has been made using original samples from the Secret Of Mana SNES rom:


How long is your night gonna be? Mine was a long, long night:

It's a long, long night (end screen)