Little Furious

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Little Furious

Little Furious is a cooperative multiplayer runner and alchemy game, in which players have to help a running hamster to avoid obstacles. By combining obstacles, the players get rid of them and score. The game runs on Sifteo Cubes, an innovative, tangible platform which merges video game mechanics with the characteristics of a social game. Each cube features a small touch sensitive screen, and the cubes are able to communicate with each other. In Little Furious, the players exchange cubes and combine them to transform and eliminate obstacles, and free the hamster’s path.

Working on game audio for Sifteo Cubes is a challenge: all sounds are played from a single, low-bandwidth mono speaker, not from the cubes themselves, therefore special care has to be taken so the link between the action and the audio is immediately clear to the players. In addition, due to hardware limitations, all assets have to be carefully tailored to minimize their memory footprint, and the maximum 8 channels of simultaneously playing audio further limit the creative possibilities of the medium. However, it was great fun to try to achieve more with less, and it was the perfect opportunity to tackle MOD composition using Milky Tracker.

The following video explains most of what Little Furious is about:

Matthieu Bonneau – Sound designer
Emmanuel Corno – Game designer
Marc Gilleron – Programmer
Raphaël Robert-Bouchard – UX expert
Philippe Salib – Graphic artist
Léa Saugé – Game designer