Vamos a la playa Señor Zorro

Vamos a la playa Señor Zorro

Vamos a la playa Señor Zorro is a Nintendo DS game developed by a team of 5 in about a week for the No Future Contest organized by L’Oujevipo in July 2013. The theme of the contest was “Au travail !” (off to work!), and the game won the award in the homebrew category.

The game is about Señor Zorro, the reluctant hero of a sovietic propaganda game, who has to hurry off to work when all he really dreams of is to sip mojitos on a beach in Cuba. On the bottom screen of the NDS, the player gets to see behind the scenes, with all the workers responsible for running the game. Clicking on one of the machines in the factory triggers a mini-game that will, upon success, hinder Señor Zorro’s progress on the top screen, up to the point where he arrives late for work and gets sacked, finally allowing him to indulge in his mojito sipping dreams.

The music for the game is a tracker rendition of the USSR anthem, and the end music is a loose salsa interpretation of the same theme. The MOD format allows for the tempo to speed up as the game’s difficulty increases.

The following video shows a complete play-through of the game:

Emeline Bihan-PoudecGraphic artist
Matthieu BonneauSound designer
Alexis Payen de la GaranderieProgrammer
Guillaume SabyProgrammer
Léa SaugéGame designer